Answers to common questions about Dr. Train


What is his experience in Medical Leadership?

He was previously a Board Director at the Alberta College of Family Physicians from early 2016 to May 2018. He left the board in May prior to relocating to Queens University. 

He is currently Alberta’s Primary Care leader for Choosing Wisely Canada since early 2015.

He is currently the Co-Chair of the Vascular Risk Reduction Project under the AHS Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical Network since 2013.

He has held Primary Care Network Board Director positions at Mcleod River PCN and South Calgary PCN running from 2013 – 2017.

Previously he has held local leadership positions of Community Medical Director (Chief of Hospital Staff) for Alberta Health Services in Whitecourt, AB and served as Vice-President for Mcleod River Primary Care Network.

Why isn’t Dr. Train currently in a family practice?

It was very difficult for me to close my family practice since it is something that is part of my core as a family physician.

I have decided to further my education & training by pursuing a Master’s Degree program in Science, in the field of Health Quality (which is one of my passions) to advance excellence in primary healthcare delivery in Alberta, furthermore I will be taking additional training and certification in Emergency Medicine continuously over the next 7 to 18 months.

Due to the demands of these programs I will no longer be able to maintain my family practice, therefore I am regretfully informing you of my practice closure by mid-April 2017.


**NOTE** The below information is presented to give those interested insight into Dr. Train’s practice style even though Dr. Train is not currently in Family Practice.


What can I expect at my first meeting with Dr. Train?

We call this a ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment. Before you are accepted into the practice it is important to meet with Dr. Train to determine whether you will have a therapeutic relationship. During this appointment which lasts between 20-30 mins, Dr. Train will take a comprehensive history of your life including specific questions regarding your medical, family and surgical history. Don’t be surprised that Dr. Train asks details of your living circumstances, your hobbies, exercise habits and other personal details – Dr. Train believes that these factors are extremely important in understanding your complete health profile.

Dr. Train will invite you to satisfy your own curiosity and ask any questions about him and his own life or interests. 

Dr. Train does not judge the potential for a therapeutic alliance based on looks, ethnicity/race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or financial means and tries to accept any person who is actively seeking to improve their health into his family practice.

Please note that Dr. Train does not provide prescriptions, perform physical examinations, order testing or diagnostic imaging or make referrals at your initial ‘Meet and Greet’ appointment.

Why do I have to do a Meet and Greet before receiving treatment?

One of the key reasons people receive poor quality of care in the primary care setting is because of rushed visits and the lack of continuity of care. It is proven that you are likely to receive better care if the practitioner knows your life story and has a thorough grasp of your medical history. Dr. Train believes in building an authentic relationship with his patients and therefore allocates this time limited to a ‘meet and greet’ only. Currently there are many practices taking patients – take the time to make sure that Dr. Train’s practice is right for you and ask any questions you feel necessary to understand how to receive better care. Dr. Train is intent on starting the relationship off on the ‘right foot’ as we all know that health problems can be very challenging to solve without the necessary effort of all involved parties.

Can Dr. Train help with PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV?

Dr. Train has helped many patients who are considered at risk for exposure to HIV by providing PrEP.  Please note that Dr. Train does not provide this service to patients that are not within his practice therefore it is a requirement that you first meet with Dr. Train for a ‘Meet and Greet’ before a detailed discussion about whether PrEP is right for you is commenced at subsequent visits.

How do I get my old records transferred to Dr. Train?

Please complete a Chart Transfer Request Form at our front reception desk, we will then forward this to your old doctor so that the records may be transferred. Please note that many physicians may charge a fee before the record is transferred – it is your responsibility to pay this fee.

Can Dr. Train care for my children?

Dr. Train has provided comprehensive care to children throughout his career – he is familiar with the full-spectrum of childhood health and illness.  Furthermore he is competent in the management of pediatric emergencies and currently sees many acutely ill children regularly in the Urgent Care setting.

Does Dr. Train provide maternity care?

Yes, Dr. Train provides prenatal counseling for those wanting to become pregnant. He takes the expectant Mother from her initial prenatal visit up until her second trimester where she will be referred to a Maternity Clinic.  Since Dr. Train does not currently deliver babies himself, the remainder of your pregnancy with be handled by the Maternity/Obstetrical team so that your delivery can run smoothly.

What is Dr. Train’s experience with the elderly?

Dr. Train has cared for the elderly since he first arrived to Alberta in 2011. The town of Whitecourt had a long-term care facility where Dr. Train cared for many elderly residents over the years. Dr. Train generally books longer appointments for his elderly patients.

Does Dr. Train provide Medical Assistance in Dying?

Dr. Train has experience with Medical Assistance in Dying and is willing to provide this service for patients who legally meet the criteria and who are already established within his practice. Dr. Train is not willing to accept patients into his practice based solely on the desire of a new patient to access MAiD.

Does Dr. Train insert IUDs (Intrauterine Devices) for birth-control?

Yes, Dr. Train has been inserting IUDs for years. This method of contraception is one of Dr. Train’s first recommendations for birth-control since it is the most effective with minimal side-effects.

Can Dr. Train do mole removals and other small surgeries?

Yes, Dr. Train is able to surgically remove small skin lesions located anywhere on the body. Dr. Train does perform certain joint injections, and other soft tissue/musculoskeletal injections. Please note that often more time needs to be set aside for procedures and it is best to come for an initial assessment to discuss options before a follow-up procedure is booked.

What are the clinic hours and when is Dr. Train in the office?

The clinic is generally open between 8:30am – 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.

Dr. Train’s clinic hours are highly variable due to his involvements in other aspects of healthcare. Generally Dr. Train will spend 3-4 days per week seeing his patients.

Dr. Train generally keeps his patients up to date regarding his availability – please see his Facebook page for the latest updates.

Is Dr. Train LGBTQ friendly?

Dr. Train has welcomed many folks identifying as LGBTQ into his practice over the years. He does not shy away from the issues that these communities face and is an advocate for ALL human rights.

Can Dr. Train email me?

Currently Dr. Train is not available to his patients via email – the day that this becomes feasible financially and medico-legally Dr. Train will support this method of communication wholeheartedly.

What else does Dr. Train do with his spare time?

In terms of pastimes/hobbies, Dr. Train is an avid music fan and will frequently attend live music events or travel to watch his favorite bands.  Dr. Train is up to date with movies and has a good knowledge of cinematic history. Dr. Train reads non-medical literature (mostly biographies in latter years) to relax and also enjoys RPG’s, first-person action, and strategy games on his Xbox. He enjoys science-fiction and fantasy genre series such as Game of Thrones and Westworld.

What are Dr. Train’s medical qualifications?

Dr. Train has a medical degree from the University of Stellenbosch (2006).

He is a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (2012) and a Certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (2014). Dr. Train is a certified specialist in family medicine.

What is his experience in Emergency Medicine?

Dr. Train currently has an emergency medicine practice at Cochrane Urgent Care Centre where he is currently an Attending Physician. He currently is on the call roster for this facility and does a 6 -9 hour shift at least weekly since mid-2015.

Prior to this, Dr. Train provided rural emergency room coverage to Whitecourt Healthcare Centre from 2011-2014.

Dr. Train has comprehensive emergency medicine skills including all aspects of resuscitation, procedural skills, fracture management, medical, surgical, gynecological and pediatric emergencies, psychiatric emergencies and more.

How old is Dr. Train?

He was born in 1982.

How does Dr. Train keep his own health in check?

Dr. Train follows some simple lifestyle rules including eating food that is minimally processed, easily accessible and self-prepared. He generally packs his own lunches for work and avoids eating at convenient venues such as fast-food shops. He eats 3-4 meals per day in a routine fashion, he avoids adding salt and generally is conscious of added sugar in beverages and foods.  He eats fruit and vegetables daily and aims to have fruit and vegetable constitute approximately half of his food sources at any given meal. Dr. Train eats all kinds of foods and especially enjoys various ‘ethnic’ foods.

Dr. Train attempts to exercise at a moderate intensity for 30 minute intervals about 5 times per week. He avoids driving his vehicle and will walk, bicycle or run to most of his appointments/errands.

Dr. Train practices mindfulness meditation for 10-15 minute intervals on most days. He uses the Headspace app to assist this process.

Dr. Train has his own family doctor that he consults in times of need – Dr. Train does not ‘treat’ himself.

Why is Dr. Train wearing sneakers and training gear all the time?

Dr. Train believes in removing all barriers to a healthy lifestyle, therefore he will wear clothes that enable him to meet his goals of physical activity incorporated into the work day, for example running and biking to the office.

Does Dr. Train provide nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle advice?

Yes, lifestyle advice is integral to Dr. Train’s medical practice and often this is the first topic that is broached to assist the healing process. Dr. Train provides written ‘prescriptions’ for exercise, for fruits and vegetables, and tobacco cessation.

What is Dr. Train’s experience in mental health issues?

He has always been very interested in mental health issues going back to his days in medical school where he undertook all his elective programs in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Train undertook a psychiatric research project as an optional course in his final year of study.

Dr. Train is always asking about mental health issues and has significant experience in treating anxiety disorders, depression, addictions,  Adult ADHD, FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in adults) bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Dr. Train uses pharmacological approaches as well exercise, sleep hygiene and nutritional counseling in his treatment of mental illness. Dr. Train is very open to working with other mental health professionals such as psychologists and other counselors.

Why did I see a ‘resident’/trainee physician at my appointment?

All patients are asked before the visit begins whether they would mind interacting with the trainee physician before Dr. Train reviews the case thoroughly. It is perfectly acceptable to say ‘no’ to our requests for trainee interaction!

Dr. Train is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine and participates in the training of future family physicians. Dr. Train believes firmly in the Hippocratic Oath thus: “…I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.”

What are Dr. Train’s spiritual beliefs?

Dr. Train does not have particular spiritual or religious beliefs – his beliefs are best described by the secular-humanist paradigm.

Is he married?

Dr. Train was married to Emma (née Holly) in May 2015. Emma Train is a Registered Dietitian who hails from Nova Scotia. See more about Emma here.

Where does Dr. Train live?

He resides in Sunnyside, Calgary with Emma, his wife.

Where did Dr. Train grow up?

He grew up in the city of Cape Town in South Africa. Cape Town is the second biggest city in South Africa and is renowned for its natural beauty and cosmopolitan amenities.

Where did Dr. Train go to medical school?

He attended the University of Stellenbosch’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences located in Cape Town, South Africa. He entered medical school at the age of 18 based upon meeting criteria for early acceptance after successfully completing the University entrance exams. This was a 6 year program which focused on training general practitioners.

What kind of postgraduate training does Dr. Train have?

During the period of 2007-2008 he completed his residency training at Victoria Hospital Wynberg in Cape Town which was established in 1889. The program consisted of rotations in the domains of Paediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Family Medicine, Psychiatry & Emergency Medicine. During this training period he worked between 60 – 100 hours per week for 2 years.

The following year (2009) he took a 6 month posting at Vanguard Community Health Centre which is an integrated community health clinic located in a very low socioeconomic status area which provided primary care services in the realms of chronic disease such as hypertension and diabetes, maternity care as well as having an HIV and Tuberculosis service. This centre also provided 24hr community access to a trauma unit (due to the high rate of violence in the area) where Dr. Train participated in the regular call roster.

The latter half of 2009 was spent at Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital, which is one of Cape Town’s major psychiatric facilities. He was attached to a high-security ward for the sickest male patients (involuntarily admitted).

Does Dr. Train have children of his own?

Currently Dr. Train is childless.

What kind of physical exercise does Dr. Train do?

Dr. Train has always exercised regularly; currently he enjoys jogging between 5 – 10km, running up stairs, weight-training of moderate intensity for 30-40 minute intervals, walking or biking whenever possible.  Dr. Train follows his own advice of exercising about five times a week.

Does Dr. Train have involvements with Pharma or other Medical Industry?

Dr. Train does not accept gifts, trips, meals or any kind of support from Pharma or other Medical Industries. Dr. Train does not speak on behalf of these industries either.  Dr. Train is a firm believer in removing conflicts of interests in his practice wherever possible.

How does Dr. Train keep up to date with the latest in medical science?

He regularly attends family medicine-focused conferences/workshops throughout Alberta and Canada. Dr. Train is constantly reading academic literature and listening to podcasts to bring the latest developments to his practice. Dr. Train is frequently asked to present on topics related to Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Lifestyle Improvement, Medical Harm Reduction, and Resource Stewardship. Dr. Train has close links with academic physicians at the Universities of Alberta and Calgary and frequently collaborates in various projects related to overall healthcare improvement. He records hundreds of hours of Continuing Medical Education per year via the Canadian College of Family Physicians’ CME program.

I want to make a complaint about the practice or the service I have received, how do I do this?

Dr. Train takes all complaints regarding his services very seriously and investigates each complaint personally. Please bring anything of concern directly to our Clinic Manager or bring it up directly with Dr. Train so that he may take action expeditiously. 

What is Choosing Wisely all about?



Why a career in Medicine?

I feel I need more appointment time with Dr. Train – what do I do?

Who are Dr. Train’s influences and mentors?

Does Dr. Train believe in ‘alternative medicine’?

I want to leave Dr. Train’s practice, how should I do this?

Can Dr. Train consult me over the phone?

What happens when Dr. Train is unavailable? i.e. on vacation, at a conference etc.

I need an urgent appointment, what do I do?

Dr. Train said he made a referral for me but I’ve heard nothing yet?

I need a medication refill, what do I do?

Dr. Train has ordered some bloodwork or other investigations and I’ve heard nothing back?

What other services are at the practice?

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