About Dr. Train

I’m a young active Family Physician new to Calgary looking to lead the way in innovative Primary Healthcare delivery. I’ve been practicing independently since I completed my post-graduate training in South Africa in 2009.



Upon moving to rural Alberta from South Africa in 2011 I have involved myself in a broad-spectrum of primary healthcare practice and healthcare leadership. Since then I’ve co-chaired provincial projects (the Cardiovascular Strategic Clinical Network Vascular Risk Reduction Project), lead multi-disciplinary teams (in the realm of chronic disease management and adult Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder diagnosis), became a vice-president of a Primary Care Network and Community Medical Director of a small town and grew into a role as a clinical lecturer for The University of Alberta’s Department of Family Medicine. More recently I have become involved as a Clinical Leader on a national and provincial level in a project called Choosing Wisely Canada. In early 2016 I joined the Board of the Alberta College of Family Physicians in order to form deeper connections with the Primary Care reform movement. In mid-2016 I joined the Board of the South Calgary Primary Care Network so that I could apply myself to building and planning augmented primary healthcare services for our community patients.

Although I’m proud of my achievements and hope there are more to come, my main focus is improving primary healthcare in the province of Alberta through the implementation of the ‘Patient Centred Medical Home’ for all.


Clinic visit
Using a team approach in the office.
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I dream of exercise pills and food as medicine.

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